Oh, brother. You made this too easy.

You probably already know this, but Shelley and I have a much loved big brother.
He's not around Seattle much because he has a much more exciting life in Portland. Being a cop, arresting bad guys, taking names, the works. The people need him. We get that.

But Eric came home for Lucy's birthday and wow -- did he ever leave me a present. I was under the impression that this was Lucy's celebration not an early birthday for Susie (incidentally, my big day is March 13 - go ahead and write that down). Oh, but did Eric leave me with a gift. An absolute treasure trove.

During the party, I lost my camera. I usually wear it around my neck during festivities (get a good mental image of that. Really let it soak in.) But it was gone. No camera. No neck strap. And I knew instantly that we had a problem.

My love returned about 15 minutes later with arguably the best pictures of the day.

You've only really seen glimpses of Eric on the blog -- twice in a year really isn't justice. Consider this your formal introduction to my big brother, Eric.

Jamie deserves credit for playing Annie Leibovitz to Eric's Demi Moore, and bringing out his inner Blue Steel. Really, I mostly give Jamie credit because the pictures are out of focus and poorly lit, not because I'm a gracious person. I'm trying to keep my street cred.
sigh. My brother.
I love him.


  1. Love it. Funny runs in your family.

    Can we talk about those pom poms...How do I make them?

  2. I was there during the photo shoot. I'm as speechless now as I was then. Its pretty hard to form words when you're laughing, crying, and chortling all at the same time... ahhh, what more can be said about that man of mine. ;-)

    -- Amber

  3. Oh my God I totally remember that first picture of the three of you in front of the fireplace!! I think it's actually still on our fridge downstairs. Those pictures of Eric are priceless!!! Please tell him hi for me.

  4. Seriously...stop stalking me. I too have one older brother and one sister. AND my brother is a cop. AND he lives in the Portland area. Ok, Vancouver, WA to be exact, but the details don't matter.

    I loved your last couple posts. So now who's stalking who?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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