Holiday Wedding

It was a complete change of pace for us this year. We actually had something to do on New Year's Eve. I know, shocking. We are pathetic homebodies. Leaving the house is always difficult. Getting to our destination was touch and go.

We went to a New Year's Eve wedding. A holiday wedding. You'd think suck, right? So did I. Monopolizing people on a holiday. Tisk Tisk. BUT. Surprise. I loved it. I'd do that again in a heart beat. For losers like Chuck and Me, who monogamously date Dick Clark every December, this was a pleasant change of pace. We answered "yes" to "are you doing anything for New Year's Eve?". It was a first.

And the wedding was fab. Fab because I actually got to be a guest and not "at work". Because I got to obnoxiously take pictures without anyone questioning me. Because it was a CWU wedding, we hadn't seen some friends in years, and it was perfection to be back on the dance floor with them.

Pictures, pictures, pictures.
Happy Wedding, Stephanie and Bryce!

The wedding was gorgeous.
But enough of the compliments and touchy-feely.
Let's talk about Jen.

Jen is contagious. Jen is a serial bridesmaid, a professional wedding guest, if you will. She is loud. She is the youngest child. She is wonderful to be around. You leave happier than you came.

Jen was in rare form at Stephanie's wedding. She deserves her own separate section of this blog post. My hands are tied.

I'm out.
Hope you're loving Oh-10.

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