I come to you today with a sensitive topic for some. My goal is to blow the lid right off of this. Yeah right. Don't worry. It's not. My goal is to bring you to a heightened state of understanding. Mmm. No, definitely not it. My goal is to write about something that makes me laugh, cringe with embarrassment, and feel immense guilt all at the same time. Yep. That's it. That's my thesis.

(throat clear). Blog stalking.

An old friend of mine came clean today (that's you Ellie). She blog stalks me. I was thrilled and flattered and it got me thinking. See, Ellie's confession brought me to my subject for today.

(throat clear). Blog stalking.
Wait. I already did the dramatic intro. Dang it.

Let's define blog stalking, for the Interweb lay-person (that's you Fe):
According Susipedia, blog stalking is the act of reading a blog that is authored by a) a complete stranger or b) a friend who is unaware of your readership.

I am a convicted blog stalker, which is why I appreciate fellow stalkers. It makes it all feel less creepy and awkward to know that "normal people" also compulsively check others' lives like I do religiously. I need these little "normal people" victories. It's all I have. Chuck does not approve of said blog stalking. He thinks it's weird that I'm so invested in stranger's lives. Well, I think it's weird that he's so invested in online RISK. To each his own.

I've been working on a come-clean mode to my stalking. My own form of confession. Basically I'm swallowing my pride/shame, introducing myself to my favorite authors with a quick comment, and adding a brief apology for my (not-so)borderline obsession. You may think "oh Susie, you're so good already. You've always had a plug on your site celebrating Stranger's Blogs". Oh no. That's my public, willing to admit, list.

Because truthfully I'm obsessed with Val's sister-in-law's blog.
And that sister-in-law...I hop to her best friend's page all the time.
Cheryl's cousin has a blog. Big fan of her daughter, Gwen. BIG FAN.

Perhaps you've met the people you stalk. A friend. A casual acquaintance. I will never meet these people. Own that. And I most likely never will. And they certainly won't want to after this. But I love them. I love their lives. I love their blogs. I love how creepy I'm being

The point: Don't be ashamed of blog stalking. Ellie wasn't. I'm not. And if you stalk, I hope you aren't either. Make it your 2010 resolution to come clean and to sing Come Clean by Hilary Duff, then let your stalking be known. Come out from the Interweb shadows and embrace your addiction to blogging. It's been very freeing for me. Like drinking OJ out of the carton. Whatever blog it is that you stalk, The Pioneer Woman or dooce or a co-workers family (that's how I ended up in this stalking mess), do it. Come clean. Think of this as your support group. I've been there. I'm here to help.

And to continue to stalk.
I'm out. I need to make my nightly blog rounds. I love me some stalking.


  1. I don't know if I have come to terms with my blog stalking like you. But I am an avid offender. Let's just say I've stalked many links on Val's page. She must just have the coolest friends! :) I convince myself that its not creepy I am just preparing myself for motherhood in 2025 like you.

  2. We're all blog stalkers- it's so fun! One of my friends actually ran into another one of my friends that she blog stalks and they both "knew" each other from blog stalking though they'd never met! Too funny. I love it though. It's a whole new world!

  3. I too am a stalker! I love your blog. Guess how I found you... that would be from Val's. She is so popular! I am so lucky to be related to a gal with so many cool friends.

    Time to get even more creepy, you said in your last post that Lucy's b-day is Thursday... well so is my daughter's. And it is her 1st also!

  4. Is it weird to stalk ex-boyfriends and their wives? (Not that I would ever do that!)

  5. I too am obsessed with Val's sister-in-law's blog. I am blogsessed?

  6. HA! After you commented on my blog, I called Cheryl and was like...who is this person? Is she ok? Do I need to move or something? Do you think she peeks through my windows at night? Cheryl assured me you are cool. I meant to write you back and totally forgot. But today I found my way to YOUR blog. Gwen will be glad to know she has a fan. To her, there is nothing better than being the center of attention!

  7. Hi! I'm Anna Marie's sister. I saw your comment on her blog and blogstalked you here, wondering who you were.

    I'm currently not blogstalkable because my blog is private due to a mild case of real life, not flattering stalking. But I did love the blogstalkers before I made that decision. :-D

    You'll notice in my profile two other blogs that can be viewed - a recipe blog (by multiple people) and a blog about our missing grandmother. If you see her anywhere, please tell her to come home.

    Your blog is great!

  8. Ok ok ok!! I'll come out and say it to the world.wide.web (instead of you of just hearing it through Libby): I, Mollie Jean McCown, stalk Susie's blog. :) Actually, not only do i have it as a favorite and check to see if there is a new post DAILY, I also sent out an email (after your Twilight apology) to about 5 co-workers. Sally, Jayme, Susana, Emily, Libby, and ME...all look at your blog. d.a.i.l.y.

    ps. yes, you busted us for posting your blog as a 'fave' on our blog without confessing ourselves as stalkers first. please, except my apology :)

  9. Tail tucked....Head down....

    Let me explain -- I am what you call a anti social-media type. Not on facebook etc. BUT...for the first time in my life, I will admit to stalking your blog. I will take responsiblity for that, but I will blame Mollie for showing me into the world of "The Allison Wonderland" She really is to blame. On second thought, we should blame Libby, since she is the only one who really knows you. Yes.... Lets blame Libby.

    Regardless of who is to blame, all of us here on the 3rd floor of PRO Club get great entertainment reading your blog - Keep it up!

  10. I think I owe half my readership to the 3rd floor at the pro club. And to Libby. And also to blog hopping from Val's blog -- which I've decided must be the nexus of the blog universe.

    Thanks for everything!

  11. I have to say I'm new to the blogging world and the first thing I told the girls at Smith was, " I'm doing this to keep Russ' family up to date..there won't be any cute baby pics for awhile and I'm definitely not as witty as Susie (because of course I had already stalked you)!

  12. Admitting blogstalking you... Karen passed your blog along to us girls... couldn't resist. So yes, I blogstalk you. So it doesn't count as stalking anymore if I admit it, no?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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