Birthday Eve.

We celebrate tonight the year mark of Shelley in labor. Impressively enough, Shelley is almost in as bad a way as she was last year. Babe's got the stomach flu. She's got it bad. I mean, at least last year she got an epidural.

So, she's camped out here. Works for me. I love a night with Shelley, even Sick Shelley. And I double love a night with Lucy.

Lu and I had quite a load of fun tonight. Particularly, we enjoyed painting with Ravioli. I'm thinking next Picasso.

I marveled at all she's accomplished in a year. Walking. Babbling. Grabbing. Doctoring.

She's fabulous taking Mom's temperature. To already be so advanced in her medical training. Amazing.

Other things, we're working on:

Driving. She wants it bad. The thrill of the open road.

Understanding that no matter how much you want to be on Friends, the show ended years ago, and I already tried that.

She's really grown in her understanding of electronics this year. She tried to help Chuck hook up the DVD player. He needed the hand. She was there.

Oh, and she was rockin' it tonight. The jacket and the pants did not survive Ravioli for dinner. She wasn't phased. She's 5 hours from one. This is her time to shine.

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  1. taking the temperature picture is soooo freaking cute. you are a great sister to take care of her and help out with Lu - i know you love it, but still what a gal.


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