When planes are delayed.

We attempted to hop on a plane at LAX with a dream and a cardigan. It did not go as planned.

Our plane was delayed 3 hours because fog in San Fransisco trapped our flight crew. Apparently, you need one of those to fly the plane home. I offered Chuck's services but was rejected. Honestly, how hard can it be to fly an Airbus? Most the time those don't even fly, they just glide into rivers so it's not like Chuck would be up against strict competition. Whatevs.

We needed entertainment. It was 5+hours of sitting, contemplating leg-amputation because we hurt so bad from Disneyland, and wondering if sleeping in the rental car would've been a better choice.

We came up with a few things.
First, we photoshopped some of our favorite Disneyland pictures. I showed Mark the ropes (and successfully converted another victim to the Photoshop cult) so he took the lead. Kid's got vision. And now I know this kind of behavior/humor is genetic from the Allison-side, which really makes you wonder about Baby 2053.

Our creations:

Once we'd finished photoshopping, we settled a little bet. Not so much a bet, as much as Mark running his 14-year-old mouth and needing an education. Mark had never heard of the "gallon milk in an hour" impossibility. He had also never heard of "6 Saltines in a minute". In his teenage greatness, Mark assured us he could drink 2 gallons in an hour and at least 12 Saltines in a minute. Milk was not available in that quantity in an airport. Saltines. however, are.

Mark learned a lot on Monday.

First, hand sanitizer from Momma Janelle.

Next, he lined up his Saltines.

I intervened and deemed Mark a cheater before even beginning.

Look at this Saltine? That's not regulation quality. A whole substitute was selected in its place.

Chuck ran the timing station. This needed to be official.

Let the games begin:
Mark learned that this was easier said than done. It took him three tries and 400% of his daily sodium intake. He was determined to win and I appreciate this level of commitment and dedication to victory. We called it a success when he downed six in 1minute 2seconds. Not perfect, but we were impressed. I don't see 12 happening any time soon...

So, we celebrated Mark's semi-triumph with a photoshopped collector's item (putting our two games into one):
And that concludes Disneyland 2009.
80 hours.
1 bathroom incident.
3 hour plane delay.
12 hours to sleep the non-restful vacation off.

I'd do it again in a heart beat.

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