To be expected.

If you honestly thought Santa pictures would be taken seriously around here, you honestly should stop reading. Be real.

Shelley is set on making Christmas a fun-no pressure holiday for Lucy -- right down to the dreaded Christmas card pictures. While other parents painstakingly picked out and purchased velvet red dresses, Shelley was doing her own version of said ritual.

So, off Lucy and Shelley went to Mecca (Bellevue Square). Lucy in her favorite ballerina tutu and, oh yes, her Yoda Hat. No pressure, Lu. Just have fun with it. That's your mother's legacy.

Seriously. To be expected.
Merry Christmas from Lucy to You!!!
(oh and I guess from Chuck and Me, too)


  1. if I had coffee in my mouth it would have landed on the computer screen.

  2. Love that! :) i can see it now on your future "star of the week" posters in school. She'll be the coolest kid ever.


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