Pretty typical Sunday.

It always starts so small around here. So simple, really. Shelley bought hair extensions and rocked 'em Saturday night. Simple, right?

A whole $12.50 worth of the extensions. And that's where we shall begin. We (the collective family) decided that it wasn't fair for Shell to be the only one with gorgeous fake hair. So we passed the extension hat today. All it took was some Jessica Simpson hair and our Sunday was set. We're simple folk.

Hillbilly Chuck with the extension mullet and Carhart coveralls. Chuck loves long hair. Great. Wear it on your own head, Bub, and back up off mine. We've now proven you can.

Lu wanted to know what brunette would look like with her skin tone. She says she'll stick with blond and wait for her mom to come back and join her on Team Yellow. She knows it's only a matter of time...

I went for Bella Susie, and by Bella, I mean Kristen Stewart. Under bite. check. Headband. check. Pasty skin. check. Dead behind the eyes, over acting stare. check. check.

Dad was all too willing to relive his glory days. Little known PK fact: You are looking at the lead singer of Obadiah when he was at WSU. He rocked shoulder length curls back then. Take it all in people.
Oh Fe. This is so far my favorite it's not even funny. She went for Jackie O, but we couldn't find the right glasses so Lu offered her's, naturally.

And that's our Sunday.


  1. Chuck kind of looks like Jacob pre-wolf transformation in his extensions. I think you know what that means, he's out of the family.


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