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Holy 2009. WTNewman happened to the year? Sigh, this is such a reminder of getting old. The years are going by faster, they're blurring together, and I'm wondering how blue gray hair will look on me. Help me Rhonda, help me. I want my year back.

Forget the year. I want the freaking decade back. I want my NSYNC cd, I want my letterman's jacket back (it made Friday dressing so much simpler), I want my title as "That Girl" back. I've noticed lately that I'm "That Lady". This does not sit well with me. This is not the same or in anyway similar to becoming a "Big Kid" halfway through elementary school. That was joy. This is me writing my eulogy.

It has been quite a year, hasn't it?

Since numbers ain't working for me (numbers imply age, age implies kill me) and I'm not about to learn the Chinese calendar, we'll go for calling 2009 "The year of the blog". Or "The year Susie got publicly annoying". Or better "The year 5 people read about Susie's life and looked the other way".

Sigh. Maybe this isn't the year of just the blog. It was a big year for us, banner, if you will. But what sums it up? Too much to choose from.

Perhaps "The Year of the House".
We found out that house painting is the worst idea ever and is grounds for divorce.
We found out that arborvitaes can be personified. Bless his soul. I miss him more each day.
We found out that Chuck can take a joke, ride it too far, and bury it into the ground.
**Actually that's a lie. I knew he did that before I married him. Nan put it in the release form I had to sign stating that I "knew what I was getting myself into".

Maybe it's "The Year of Lucy".
Loved her at birth.
Loved her at Nordstrom.
Loved her on photoshoots.
She has changed everything. Except her own diaper. She should work on that.

I tried to lobby for "The Year Twilight came into My Life", but Chuck wouldn't even dignify that suggestion with a response. It changes nothing. I'm still leaving him for Edward.
I also suggested "The Year We Decided to Have a 2053" but Chuck didn't feel it was enough of a catch-all for our whole year.

Maybe it doesn't need a name. Maybe I should just let this go. No. Wait. "Let this go". That doesn't sound like me at all.

2009. It just was. Really, when I think about it, it was The Year of Us. The year Chuck and I got back to being us after spending two years in airline purgatory, and you know what was great about 2009? No one ever said "I wish Chuck could have been here". He didn't miss anything. Come to think of it, maybe I miss that...

We got to be us this year and we got to share it with all 5 of you. And we thank you for that. For putting up with our antics. For humoring us. For acknowledging what I've long suspected that it isn't normal what goes on around here.

Happy New Year.
See you in 2010.


  1. you have way more than 5 people reading this. i think 2010 might be the year "Susie's blog gets discovered and starts writing a book?!!" love it. xo Maggie

  2. I like your re-cap, it's good. I agree, time is flying by waaaaay to fast for me! Happy 2010!

  3. I don't know Sus - WILL I see you in 2010??? Let's start planning your trip out to NC. Love you madly friend.


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