Let's talk about life moments that I've cherished with Lucy:
First giggle.
Mobility in her first walker.

But now, it all means nothing because I missed the biggest life moment of all:
First shoe purchase from Nordstrom.

Sigh. I'm so disappointed. So distraught. I come home and find out that while I was at the Happiest Place on Earth, Shelley and Lu were at the Happiest Place in Bellevue. And I missed first shoe buying day. Ugh.

Fe decided that Lucy need shoes. Real shoes. Real baby Adidas shoes. Pink, of course. Nordstrom was apparently fabulous about the first shoe purchase (I wouldn't know first hand -- I wasn't there. You can spell bitter: S-u-s-i-e.). Lu got a Nordie doll, a balloon, and her picture taken. Not by my camera, of course, because I WASN'T THERE.

Today, Fe and I took Lucy back to the Mother Land for lunch and some last minute shopping (and by shopping, I mean buying Aunt Sister a new pair of boots to make the hurt go away).

Someone did not want to be confined to the stroller.

Oh no. She can do this on her own. I sang Miss Independent as she marched. Did I forget to mention that we started walking almost immediately after shoe purchase? I know. She's amazing. And I'm still more upset about missing first shoes than first steps. I have my priorities in order.
See? BIG steps for a BIG girl.
We took Lucy to the third floor play area. Holy, wow. I was overstimulated. She, however, loved it.

She was not interested in waiting up for me. I was left in the dust.

Lucy also met a baby and loved her. We're very into pointing these days and baby Kate got a lot of points.

Someone got a little faklempt watching all the big toddlers run around, but got it back together and sprinted (more like hobbled) after them.

Isn't she the best?
Isn't she amazing?
Isn't she going to have a time opening her presents Friday?
Now that's a first I won't be missing.

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