How I got locked in a bathroom.

Last night, I was locked in a hotel bathroom and maintenance had to kick the door down to save me. I am not joking. You know me. You know this is entirely within the realm of my life's possibility.

I just felt like it was better to lead with the punchline.

Now let's begin.
We are in Anaheim.
We are going to Disneyland.
We are here without real parents, but somehow in the custody of Chuck's cousins, Mark and Janelle. I introduced you to them here -- so don't think I'm being rude by not focusing on them.

We got to our hotel around midnight. We were tired. I was fussy. I needed pajamas a-sap. All I did was go into the bathroom to change. All I did was shut the door. I even thought to myself "I'm not even going to bother locking the door -- who's going to come in?"

That was the last time I would see Janelle and Mark's beautiful, angelic faces for the next horrifying 30 minutes. I was stuck. The knob had jammed. My first instinct was to call 911. Precious cargo was trapped. Get the jaws of life.

Instead, Mark tried with all his might (which I doubt a little because it is Mark and he would a little bit want me to stay stuck).

Chuck decided not to call the SWAT team as I had requested, but instead called hotel management, who laughed, and asked if I knew how to use a door knob. Chuck said it was debatable, but never-the-less, I was stuck.

The issue, I would later determine, was that the lock was stuck in the purgatory land between un- and locked. Believe it or not, I had some time on my hands to stare at a lock.

It took the workmen two trips and two set of tools before they finally gave up.

And kicked the door down.

I was saved.


  1. How has no one commented? I think the morale of the story is that chaperones have to go with you EVERYWHERE!

  2. I would have to agree with Karen! You cannot be left alone anywhere! The best part is that you have pictures documenting this event!!!

  3. Hilarious! And worthy of a blog! :)

  4. I love this! You are such a good storyteller too!

    Glad you were saved :)

  5. haha. I'm so glad Chuck is a good enough husband to paparazzi this whole thing instead of try and help. Love him.


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