Her first. Our best.

It's no contest or wonder that this will be the best Christmas 'round these parts. It's Lucy's first and she is all sorts of excited about the trimmings. That, and I have my new camera lens to document (let me know when you're tired of hearing about it). Or as perfect as I can get. Let's be real.

Us girls decided to decorate Fe's Christmas tree for her. And by decided, I mean were left the ornaments and lights and a note to take over. See, I was under the assumption that with a house of my own, Fe would be able to handle the tree set up without my assistance (assistance, take over, tomato, tamahto). I like to decorate trees. It's about the only thing I like to decorate and Fe likes to keep me happy.

It was a time setting up the tree with Lu. She loved the lights. She loved the ornaments. She loved inspecting everything before we put it up. I know next year will be even better when her almost-2 year old self is able to verbally direct the Christmas endeavor, but this was still tops for us. For now.

In case you needed a Lucy update (who doesn't), here goes:
We turned 11 months yesterday.
We took two steps on Friday and have given no repeat performances.
Everyone and everything is an "ah": Gah, Mah, Cah.

We're getting so close on so many fronts.

And to keep in the Holiday Spirit, I give you...
Christmas Fe.

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