Guess whose stocking got redone?


Well, mine and everyone else's.

Except Lucy and Chuck, who already had the uber stockings because Fe loves them most. FYI: She spent $35 on stickers revamping the stockings. Holy scrapbooking black hole. Go Fe go.

Naturally, I've learned a lot through this experience:
If I whine and complain publicly, using the blog as a personal rights forum, I can get what I want. This is awesome. This is exactly what you wanted me to learn, right Mom?

Here, briefly, is a list of other injustices from my childhood that I would also like righted:
Never used a solid gold toilet.
Never been to Aspen, Venice, or Tunis.
Never had an island or church named after me.
Never got that little brother that I begged for. I'm still waiting.

I'll be expecting these to also be fixed from my unfortunate life in the same timely manner that this situation was rectified. You have 72 hours.


  1. I wish she re-flared all of them except yours. That would have been sweet. Take that middle child.

  2. 1. There's a recession going on - hence, we are renting a solid gold toilet ( that will be here at the house for your enjoyment until 5 pm on Sunday.

    2. Your sister's nickname is Toonis: visit her at your leisure.

    3. There is a church named after you, you just don't appreciate it: Our Lady of Great Agony and Whining

    4. We are in active and intense negotiations for the adoption of Jamie Anderson. His dentist told me just this morning that he will supply the nitrous oxide to effect the transaction.

    So, 3 out of 4 in less than 8 hours.



Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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