First Christmas.

Unbelievable. We made it a year. Last Christmas seems like a lifetime ago. Chuck and I lived in a 2-bedroom claustrophobic death trap. Referring to houses as "the ship's wheel place" was still a joke (simpler times). And Shelley was laying on the living room floor like a beached whale. Memories. Like the corners of my mind.

It's a little different 'round here now.

First Christmas with Lucy was perfect. She opened her gifts -- Yo Gabba Gabba dolls and a stroller for her babies (she's a doting mother) -- but she was much more interested in our gifts. She's apparently a big fan of iPhones, camera flashes, and flight simulator. Who knew?

Oh, Dolly. A year in two weeks.

Her first Christmas in pictures (by her obnoxious Aunt/Best Friend):

I wish I could kindly apologize for the pictures, but no. I won't do it. Lucy is a Christmas Miracle. Playing paparazzi to her cute mug is well within my realm as obsessive Aunt.

Now this one. This one is joy. Someone loves her Uncle very much and has him a bit wrapped around her finger. They were flying around the kitchen. Chuck is mid-airplane. Lucy is mid-giggle.

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