We went to Disneyland. We came. We saw. We conquered. We got locked in a bathroom. Well, ok, only I got locked in a bathroom (because only I could), but whatever. It was quite a vacation. It was one of those moments in time where you actually think, "I will remember this forever". And I know I will.

We took Chuck's only Allison cousins, Mark and Janelle (fabulously 14 and 17), and basically we took the opportunity to revert back to their respective ages for the four days. Because, let's be honest, Chuck and I are also about 14 and 17 respectively so, yeah, not such a big stretch.

The vacation was too much. Too much fun. Too much ridiculousness. Too much to blog. What I did was put together photo collages for each of us. Take a look. Click to enlarge. Jot down a few notes (because we do Disneyland right). LOL and I'll BRB (there was a LOT of texting when you take a 14 year old out of state -- I'm trying to adjust out of text speak).

We may have spent years together as a family, but let me tell you -- the things you learn about people when you go on vacation with them.

For example, Janelle is a better, more responsible parent than I am. She brought a backpack filled with snacks and an emergency kit. She made us use hand sanitizer before each meal. She made sure Mark slept with his retainer in. I got locked in a bathroom and cried when I saw Belle. Janelle is a beautiful mother for Chuck and Me.

And then there's Mark. Mark has too many friends. Mark is always "on". You may have noticed Mark's photo collage was a little full. It was hard to keep up with Mark's posing. Mark is also 14. Mark would ditch us in a hot second to ride by himself (in the much faster single rider line), Mark answered his cell phone during the loop-de-loop, Mark was awesome.
Janelle, bless her soul, has dealt with said awesomeness for 14 years and is immune to Mark "putting out the vibe". See completely candid photo example.

And I'd say that's the game. We rocked Disneyland. We exploited the single rider program and destroyed fast passing. We made it happen. Because Disneyland, as Mark and I decided, is a giant life game. Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. And we brought it.

If you'd like to see the other 261 pictures that I took, I'd be more than happy to arrange that. See, while on the airplane, I had Mark and Janelle sign a completely non-binding napkin explaining that they understood any and all shenanigans would be put on the blog. They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting themselves into.

Be thankful that I paired this down (somewhat) and put your game face on for round 2 later tonight: What to do with teenagers in an airport when you're plane is delayed 3 hours.


  1. I am going to credit Janelle for your appropriate shoe choice-I didn't even know you owned tennis shoes.

    the girl with shingles

  2. hahahaah. I totally noticed those and thought the same thing. When do me and sick girl get to be taken to disneyland?? I'll sign a blog waiver.

  3. Also. Did Mark photoshop "I Love Mark" onto your sunglasses? Classic. He's a natural.

  4. Actually, Shingles and Em, the shoes were all Chuck. He pulled the "Husband Card" (which he rarely does) and forced them on me.

    The shoes were purchased by Fe in 1999 at Nordstrom. White Pumas. Who didn't rock those?


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