Dear Diary

We're going to go with a straight journal entry for this one, because nothing flows together (you know I like order). That could make me fussy, but I'm being a problem solver. Hence, journal entry is the best idea I could come up with.

Dear Diary,

We haven't spoken since 7th grade. It's been a while. You haven't missed much. Honest. I'm still enjoy listening to Oasis, flipping through the delia's catalog, and wearing bangs. Not much has changed.

My weekend was multi-faceted -- hence the need to chat.

On Friday, I went to see the love of my life in New Moon. It was amazing. AMAZING. Chuck would like to extend a heart felt thank you to Emy, Jessica, and Libby for taking me. They bit the bullet for trip number 3 (I know -- they're big fans) and Chuck has never been more grateful. No pictures of New Moon night because I needed to focus. You understand.
I did take one of Libby. She was pretty stoked about her nuun water bottle and portable electrolyte hydration tablets. PK was too. He's big into nuun. She tried it as his request.

Interesting fact learned on Saturday. When it is 29 degrees outside, don't install a new furnace. Wait and do that another day. Preferably a summer day. I had not appropriately assessed the temperature situation and was very disappointed.
I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

Saturday night, I went to Tacoma.
Only these two could make me drive that hour. I heart Steph and Jen. We went to college together and now Stephanie's getting married. She's having a baby in April, so it was a quiet, fabulous, celebratory dinner. It was perfect.

And that's the weekend. See? No flow. But I needed to show you that I was still here and still cared.

Oh and Jack says Hi.
(He sniffed a Styrofoam ball, it stuck to his wet nose, and the photoshopping just had to happen.)

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