(throat clear)

I'm done. If I hear that worthless song Fireflies again, I'm leaving. It is, without a doubt, the worst song ever written. It's worse than this. It's worse than this. It's even worse than this. Find me the person who OK'd this for radio play -- we need to have a little chat. Everything that is wrong with the world we live in is because of Fireflies. I know it is. It has to be.

I get nauseous listening to it. That being all of the 3 notes that I can hear before throwing myself at the radio to change it.

Fireflies has single handedly forced me to rethink some basics of my life. For example, I have never wanted an iPod. I have never found a need for an iPod. I do now. I would rather spend $200 and another $1,000 downloading everything EXCEPT Fireflies than play roulette with the radio dial.

Because seriously, there needs to be some sort of censor on FM radio. Something to make certain this abomination never happens again. Because, honestly, I am so close to switching to AM1000 -- purely because I can trust them more than Jackie and Bender. I'll go to Rush if I need to, so help me.

I just can't do it anymore. And no, I don't want a hug. Even if it's from 10,000 lightning bugs. Boo.

I'll get off my soapbox now.

ps. Just a little FYI, Chuck loves this song and it's causing marital problems.


  1. Um, I love all of those songs you linked too. Except KFed.

  2. ugghh. I Hate that song. It's definitely in top 5 worst songs ever. Give me 24 hours of Mmm-Bop.

  3. Lauren LOVES that song and always sings along and insists we turn it up. Want to babysit her and we'll be sure to send the cd with her:)

  4. Karen is Team Chuck and Mike is Team Susie...we decided that while driving and hearing it on the radio. :) See, reading your blog gives us something to talk about.


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