That dreaded picture.

Let's be honest. When it comes right down to it, one of the hardest parts of every year (blanket statement, total honesty) is finding/picking/taking a Christmas card picture. Put it right there on the list between unemployment, filing taxes, and deciding between medium and super sized at McDonalds. I'm just being real. We all know I'm right. It's that bad.

Nothing like my-side to leave it to the last minute to take a picture together. We've only had 11 months. Actually, we've done worse. Last year, we procrastinated so long, we never sent one out. We collectively blamed it on Shelley's never-ending pregnancy (we wanted Lu in the picture). Taking a picture before Dec. 1 is basically as good as we're going to get. Taking a picture together is a Christmas miracle, in and of itself.

Finding one that we all look good in. Difficult. To put it kindly.

I figured I'd post the evolution of this year's picture taking. All the "no that's not good", "ew I look bad" pictures because it tells a story about the family that Fe and PK raised.
Try #1. Apparently, I'm not sure how to AUTOFOCUS my automatic camera. Oh well. Dad wins MVP for this one. He was being a Chatty Cathy, as usual.
Try #2. Lucy wins MVP. I don't blame her. He is uncomfortably tall and it is unnatural to look him straight in the eyes. No one should be up that high.
Try #3. This one's all me. In my defense, I only had a giant blinking red light for 12 seconds that got progressively faster as it counted down. It totally caught me off guard.
Try #4. You'd think this would be the winner. You think wrong.
Try #5. We're going to give it to the "non originals" in this picture. Stacia and Chuck really brought it here. And brah-vo to Eric for bringing the soft glow of electric sex into the picture.
Try #6. This is the one we chose. Why? Because it's true. It's us. Eric has a lamp. Shelley is focused on Lucy, who is focused on being an airplane. Mom's giggling. And then there's Newman. She's a little smug ever since she found out that Lucy finally out weighs her. Only took 10 months there, Newm.

And that's my family.


  1. Awesome to the nth degree. I don't take pictures, I write the "Christmas Letter." I didn't do it one year, thinking people didn't care. I was so wrong. I got tons of emails asking me "WTF? Where's the damn letter we wait for every year?"
    Since I blog about everything now, I gotta come up with new material. Stat.

  2. i heart he leg lamp. especially that eric is holding it. where is the waldo uniform for hubbs?


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