My public apology.

I need to make a public apology. A very, tail between my legs, can we be friends, I'll invite you to my birthday party, kind of apology. The kind, where, no matter what, you know that you have caused damage and hurt, and you will never be able to make what you said go away.

Because it can't. I can't select-all and delete my words. They aren't the same as the text I type and constantly edit or rearrange. What I can hope is that those I've hurt love me enough to know that I am truly sorry and am trying to make amends for what I did.

Here we go.

I read Twilight and I loved it.
(biggest understatement of my life)

So, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I made fun of your Twilight birthday party here.
I'm sorry I made a few snide remarks there.
I'm sorry I ever doubted how amazing these books are even if they are written at the same reading level as Super Fudge.

I didn't know. I didn't know that Edward was the real love of my life and that Chuck was just a pawn (Twilight pun INTENDED). I didn't know that I would consider leaving my husband for a fictional 108 year old vampire, permanently frozen at age 17. I didn't know that I would seriously reconsider any friendships I have (or more appropriately had) with any Team Jacob supporters.

I may have read all four books in 10 days.
I may have purchased book four at 5 pm Friday and finished it Saturday at 11pm. 30 hours, 756 pages. Whatever. True love reads that fast.


Ok. There you have it. I'm a TwiHard and I've never been more fine with anything in my entire life. I figure, I didn't get wrapped up in Harry Potter or Dungeons and Dragons, so I was owed one roll in the fantasy genre hay.

Can you ever forgive me, love?
Susie Cullen.

If only you knew how close I am to changing my name....

ps. To really "own" my apology, I think I need to specifically apologize to:
Emy, Jessica, Dania, Cheryl, Libby, Laura, Catlyn, Shar, and Karen.
You win. You dazzle me.


  1. Haha - I felt the same way. I didn't understand until I read them. TEAM EDWARD!! Now you can understand why I have serious concerns about Catlyn and Shar. Isn't it ridiculous - I read them in 2 days. In my defense, it was spring break and I had given up TV for lent. Of course I'd give up anything to be with edward. LOL, no really. :)

  2. haha, karen, you are too funny.

  3. I know what you are.

    Say it.

    You love men with pale faces. Men with ice cold skin. Men with incredible strength and speed.

    Say it out loud.

    You're a TwiHard.

  4. Jacob without a shirt vs. Edward without a shirt. Need I say more? Team Jacob all the way!


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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