A little bit of Halloween

Happy November!
Sick. I just vomited. When did it become November? Wasn't it just May? I swear I saw August yesterday. You know what I did see today was Christmas candy at QFC. Kill me. Please.

Now, let's get to the obligatory Halloween post. You know what Chuck was. There was no question. Once you find heavenly perfection you stop shopping. It's been four years of Waldo and guess what? STILL NOT OLD. My dearest Emy drug us to Seattle for Halloween -- I'm a sucker for those big brown eyes and a pretty, pretty please. I couldn't say No.

Chuck's a fun one to take to parties. He's not a social butterfly. He's not the "Center of Anything" guy. You wouldn't think parties were his thing, because Chuck is usually so quiet, but really people, quiet does not mean boring. Oh no. Chuck hangs back. Chuck does as Chuck does. Chuck just is. The important thing to do when taking him to a party is to be silent, listen, and keep the camera on.

And this is the reward for my Chuck-watching (which by the way, should be an Olympic recognized sports):

Here we have Waldo finding himself. He's been listening to those self-help, squash your inner-turmoil tapes. I think he's making real progress.

Sultry, pin-up Waldo. He's hard to take your eyes off of.

No comment.

Waldo decided to combine costumes with a Rabbi at the party. Mazel tov.

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  1. I am still waiting for Chuck as Waldo to lurk around Carson. Maybe if I am lucky it will be the Rabbi Waldo version.


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