No judging please. I stand behind my decision. November needed to hurry up and go. It's overstayed its welcome. I'm just doing my part to pick up the pace. Truth be told, I'm surprised I held out this long. Honestly, I deserve a bloody medal for almost making it to Thanksgiving. Almost.

Even though this is what our house looks like from the outside:
(tisk tisk. I said no judging. No judging. I can actually feel your disapproval over the Inter Web)

It looks like this on the inside:

And don't think this was done today, Thanksgiving Eve. No , no. I did this Sunday. I'd had enough, we have a fake tree, and I'm not hosting Thanksgiving so what do I care? What was I holding out for? What am I living for again?

Oh and those stockings hung with a few ounces of care?

Don't read too much into those. It's not 2053. That's Jack's stocking in the middle. We wanted to surround him with our love because he's an angel.

This last part pains me. In the spirit of Christmas, I made a snap Holiday decision and I think it's sending the wrong message to Chuck. Maybe a bit "leading him on".

Yes. I did this. On my own accord. No gun to my head. I'm so ashamed.

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas.



  1. I will vouch, the pumpkins are gone. Looks great Susie. My apartment is jealous of your house.

  2. Susie, you're just lucky I didn't turn you into the Klahanie Board for those pumpkins outside your house. :) Love the decorations...ready to come do our house?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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