A bit of redirection.

Not that it changes anything or has any consequence, meaning, or place in your life, but I thought you may like to know that the blog address has changed. Unbunch your panties, it's just a little redirection.

After careful thought and purposeful consideration (something Chuck and I rarely do), we decided theallisonfam.blogspot just wasn't workin' for us. It also wasn't really a good description of the blog or our lives in general. Let's be honest, a two idiots with a cat-baby isn't really a "fam" and our friends are usually the (un)willing participants to our shenanigans (oh yes, I said shenanigans). "Fam" blogs are for people with adorable babies and cute little ones who need a place to post about family life. That ain't us.

So, we blew $10 from our yearly budget, purchased www.theallisonwonderland.com, and that's what your URL should read right now. Take a look. See it? You didn't even know it had changed, that's how insignificant this post and my life is to you.

No worries: whenever you make an "uh-oh" and type in our old address, you will be redirected with love (and mocking laughter) to www.theallisonwonderland.com.

Please to enjoy our lives.

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Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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