It seemed like a good Saturday to play tourist. No reason. Just a because. We ditched them men folk, played a little Indigo Girls, and set sail across 520.

We started with a little Pike Place to set the mood. Nothing brings out the crazies like the market. It's an education in amazingness. Case and point:

This is The Cat Whisperer. I've gone ahead and placed arrows at the key points, if you could go ahead and direct yourself there, I'll do the narrative. First, this guy is awesome. He had a small cat army with him, all in sweaters, like little gentlemen. He spoke to them. He also spoke to my heart. It was incredible. He also had ears and, um, a tail. And his kiosk was PVC. Again, this guy is awesome. Jack and I are going back on Saturday. These are his people.

The mini-doughnuts were next, only because my lame friends had never had them before. Losers. If you can marry pastry, I want to marry these. If you can do one thing at Pike Place Market, do this. Doesn't Libby look amazing eating them???

This doesn't actually fit in any sort of sequence, so I'll just throw it out there: This dog has the same hair cut as me. Do you see it? You have to see it. It's right there.

We did the Underground Tour as the big ticket item for Saturday. I don't have any pictures though, because Chuck said I had to actually listen to the tour guides and not focus on the camera. He's a kill joy. What a butthead. He was right, but whatever.

The tour ended with a picture of the holy land: the first Nordstrom. It was gorgeous. I swooned. I fainted. I couldn't get enough. I tried to light a handful of candles for a simple shrine, but they had "rules" on the tour and I was asked to leave.

Things I like about Seattle:

Almost everything smells like the Union Gospel Mission. There's comfort in consistency.

No matter how hard I try, I can't remember which way to turn my wheels on a hill. This is uphill. My wheels will lovingly help me roll downhill.

It's been 15 years but Sleepless in Seattle is bigger than Twilight (FYI, Dania is being sleepy in Seattle. She lacks the subtle humor gene).

This seemed completely normal. This is completely normal.

Things I don't like:

Wooden toilet seats in a public bathroom. Because there's nothing I want more in a restroom than a porous surface. It just screams sanitary and healthy.

Smart cars. Sometimes, I just want to burn a tire when I'm driving behind them to counteract any good they are doing. And yes, that is about a 9 on the tension scale, but I'm fine with it.

I love this place.

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