This is why I'm hot.

Basically, it was bound to happen and it's really just simple math: Drop 4 aging 20-somethings in Seattle (suddenly aware of their changing status and those perky 22 year olds), add 1 DSLR camera, multiply with an unhealthy relationship with Photoshop, and you have a senior picture reshoot. This is what we decided to do with our time and the memory on my camera card: play 18 year olds since at least that's funny. A little sad. Mostly funny.

It was Dania's idea (for you phonics teachers, that's pronounced duh-knee-uh). It usually is her idea. You may remember Dania, she's been around the blog here and there. Why not recreate all the pathetically posed, cheesy-staged pictures that we ooh'd and aah'd over 9 years ago (and loved more than life itself, still do, and wish it were appropriate to hang as an 11x14 shrine to glory days past). It was a classic fall day in Seattle and the mood was right, plus what else did we have to do with our time (we missed our 11 am Seattle Underground Tour and needed to kill time until the 12 o'clock one).

I'm not embarrassed to post these. This is what we do. This is why I'm hot. This is why we're hot (and why we have a very small friend group):

OOOH: Emy in the pensive "I love this wall, but I'm not in-love with the wall and what does that mean?" pose.
AAAH: Dania. Love that colored wall and you giggle at whatever it is that is coily grabbing your attention. It's probably a vagrant, but we'll never know now will we.
OOOh: The ever-beloved casual lay down. Because who doesn't routinely touch with bare hands all the many lovelies of Pioneer Square? Gorgeous Libby. So sanitary.
AAAH: Dania and the casual pose. So natural.
OOOH: Peek-a-Boo Emy. We see you. Who didn't have a peeking shot in their senior profile? Like you surprised the photog with this one.
AAAH: I actually had this picture. This one goes out to Shelley. Memories. Like the corners of my mind. Misty water memories.
OOOH: Nothing says "I'm ready for college" like sitting in a corner smirking.
AAAH: Dania. We love the ivy shots.
OOOH: Immediately after taking this, I kicked a pile of leaves and sang the theme to Mary Tyler Moore, because - you know what - I'm gonna make it after all.
AAAH: Thanks for the face in flowers/nature pic Libby. It's so subtle. No one will ever know it was posed. You just happened to ram your face into a bush.

We did actually do real things in Seattle this weekend that weren't of the high school nature, but those will be for another post demonstrating that we can marginally act our ages. Marginally.


ps. Get well Jessica. These pictures aren't the same without you and your face. Oink oink.

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