So about a month ago (I have lost all concept of time and timely posts. OVER IT.), Chuck's sister Nan came up for a little guys weekend. Really, I had no part of this adventure. They wanted to white water raft and I wanted to, well, not. Because white water rafting sounds like death to me. Water. Cold. Outdoors. General Fun. These are all things that are not at Nordstrom's, therefore, hence, wherein, I despise them.

Anyhoo, back to Nan. Nancy had yet to experience the Ship's Wheel. God, I wonder what that kind of bliss is like. Uuuh, jealous.

So, yeah, second time I've had to redirect my thoughts: Nan came for boy's weekend. Nan decided to dress gender-appropriate. Nan is Chuck's sister. Behavior is genetic, apparently.

I just love Paul so much. This had to be posted.

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