Miss Congeniality

KinderCare (or child prison) takes School Pictures of the babies. Whoever decided this and formulated the concept...I would like to shake your hand. I applaud this kind of exploiting. I applaud you, KinderCare worker.

Oh, and it's just like real picture day. Fake background. Forced face. Fabulousness. Shelley and I decided to take School Pictures seriously this year. It took a solid week to plan Lucy ensemble. Time well spent.

Sassy school girl fall cardigan. White ruffle tunic. Brown tights. Pearls. PEARLS. Those little gems were taken to KinderCare separately for Lucy's handlers to add at the 11th Hour for ensemble completion. We were worried. But they did not disappoint. Thank God.

The proofs came back this week for the pictures.

Shelley and I had hopes, expectations, wishes. I'd like to call the next three photos: When High Expectations and Lofty Dreams Come True.

Dear KinderCare,

Thank you for providing us with the perfect picture for Lucy's senior high school yearbook. See you in 2027.


This is the photo definition of "come hither".


  1. Wow! Those are really great, especially pic #3. That will be perfect for the yearbook! The pearls just kill me!

  2. Oh my gosh...TOO cute! I might just have to enroll Claire in Kindercare to get her pictures done!

  3. I think I'm ending our friendship. Have Lucy call me, I want to be her best friend, and I just won't have time for you anymore.

  4. Awesomeness. Where do you buy baby pearls anyways! I have Auntie envy! We want an Auntie! My boys would love pearls.


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