The issue was a hand-truck (a dolly to the lay man) sitting on my parent's deck. It was tormenting Chuck and Me through dinner. Calling to us. Speaking to us. As soon as dinner was over, we sprinted outside with the camera, Shelley in tow.

We decided to play Hannibal Lecter with it for....because. That's just the kind of people we are. Sad. Demented. And just a hint of pathetic.

Remember Hannibal Lecter?

Here's Hannibal Susie.

And Hannibal Arborvitae.

Pretty nice little Sunday dinner.


  1. That's not you in that hand truck. You would never wear those shoes - to your mom's house or not. Apparently I need to come home and remind you who wears the comfortable clothes in this friendship.

  2. Cheryl - you've been gone too long if you're thinking that Susie has changed that drastically. They are not only my slippers but my old "outside" slippers that I use to hunt moles and other vermin.

    Notice the new water feature??

    The old man

  3. Susie this post is disturbing. I applaud your niece for trying to escape...she must be banking that nurture wins over nature and if she could just get away...she might be saved. :)


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