Cousins and Coffins

I met Chuck, and 3 weeks later, I met Mark and Janelle. Just about the cutest 6 and 9 year old I'd ever seen and they loved their big cousin Chuck more than sliced bread. Janelle's a peach, she always has been. Mark's a riot, but he's spent the better portion of the last eight years hating me for taking Chuck. Girls just recently stopped having cooties in Mark's life. We're doing much better now.

Basically, I woke up the other morning and realized Mark is a freshman in high school and Janelle graduates in June. Chuck's decided that we should just go ahead and buy ourselves coffins now. It saves time.

We've pretty much lallygagged through all of Janelle's high school career and wasted the last four years. We raced up to Mt. Vernon Saturday to finally see Janelle play volleyball. She may or may not have played since 2006, every fall, and club volleyball in the winter. We are bad with time.

She's a stud. A kills-machine.

Best part of the day/my life: Mark went to Homecoming. First time. He was "thrilled" that we tagged along for the whole picture taking amazingness. Holy, they should sell tickets to those. A bunch of 14 year olds, wanting to be there, but not wanting to be there. So conflicted. And so having to have their pictures taking. It was the happiest I've been in years.

Mark's the tall one.
OR Mark's an Allison.

Whichever way you'd like to tag that picture is fine with me. They're pretty much my favorite 6 and 9 year olds ever. Ever. But all kidding aside, when did they start letting 6 years old go to school dances?


  1. I completely understand. When Mike and first started dating his baby sister was in 4th grade. This year she graduates high school. Its crazy how time flies...I feel like she's grown up SOOO much and I haven't lol. But, its fun for me who doesn't have siblings, to see someone grow from elementary school to middle to high school. Just imagine when your first K class graduates high school - then you and Chuck not only need coffins but ajoining burial plots.

  2. Love the boys shoes with colorful laces! Funny dress up attire. And if you guys are old well... not even sure what I am!


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