Couples nights.

Chuck is now a member of a couples bowling league. Let it sink in.

And pah-lease. Like I'm the other 50% of that couple. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. Chuck is just a substitute and I'll start over:

Tyrell is in the terminal stages of her pregnancy. See, about 9 1/2 months ago, Tyrell made a bad life choice and is now past her due date. As much as she'd like to blame Adam for doing this to her...well. Forget it. I'll just stop there. Anyhoo, Adam and Tyrell are in a couples bowling league together, but their "life choice" is hindering Tyrell's play ability. Plus, once Mr. Tardy Boy decides to finally grace us with his presence, she's not going to be game-ready for a couple of weeks (weeks is what she says. I say at least two months, but she is a formidable woman at this point and not to be argued with).

This does not scream fun to me.

Enter This Guy:

He's Adam's spouse for now. As funny as it is, it really isn't. That's just Adam and Chuck. They love each other unconditionally.

Chuck loves bowling. He owns bowling shoes, a bowling bag, and a bowling ball, which he named Goldmember (and he would like me to point out that it was named YEARS before the movie. He wanted an emphasis on years. As if that helps support his case for owning his own bowling gear.)

You can't have humor this dark at times and be cheerleaders in high school so Tyrell and I did our best to cheer the men-folk on, despite our lack of experience. And by try, I mean judged and pointed out missed pins like we could actually do better.
Apparently, scoring a bowling game is as mentally challenging, if not more so, than flying an airplane full of PASSENGERS. It's nice to know they used to fly humans.

So, um, hi. Bowling balls and a 9 1/2 month pregnant lady. Gee, what picture could be next? Any guesses? Anyone, anyone?

That last one was a nice surprise, I hope. Just a little love gift from Me to You.

I like that there are never pictures of just Chuck and Me together on this thang, so I thought I'd give the ol'couples picture a try. See, we can play nice together. Sometimes.

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  1. what's the name of their team? All I can read is Thumbholes, but it sounds intriguing.


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