Bright idea.

Chuck had an idea.

Sorry. Too easy.

Call me crazy, spoiled, Bellevue, whatever, but I just wasn't too thrilled with the MC Hammer light fixtures that came with the place. It's been a source of "gross" every since we bought this dump (that was joke, FYI).

We need our chandeliers back. The Liberace House of Tack is looking a little bare.

After receiving this death threat from '92, we went on the hunt for light fixtures and guess what? Those things are not cheap. This did not set well with my inner miser. I don't spend $500 on anything. Typing $500 made me nauseous. Seriously want-to-vomit. Anyhoo, we ended up finding the perfect light fixtures, finding out they were 50% off, and finding the one disenchanted Lowe's worker who would through in his employee discount. Holla. $125 later and I'm snuggling with my miser self. We love.

We bought the light fixtures in May. I kid you not. May. Before house painting was even a glimmer in our eyes. It was a simpler time. We hung the only light fixture we could that day but not until Chuck dicked around with it for an hour (I posted it here, but these deserved a refresh):

We spent the last 5 months trying to figure out how to hang the others without resorting to liquid courage and the safety harness. It's been a long 5 months.

But Chuck decided it was time. When Chuck decides, he decides. He talked it through with the 28 foot extension ladder (obviously a better audience than talking it through with me) and that's where we'll begin.

Someone did not liked being locked in the bedroom and asked to help several times. By asked, I mean threw himself against the door screaming bloody kitten murder.

I admire Chuck for doing this. I was not a believer until he was about half way through and I knew he wasn't going to die nor was a charge of manslaughter going to end up at my doorstep.

This isn't the most interesting picture, not that any of these are, but it may help to know that Chuck kept referring to this as his "favorite stripper" and then giggling incessanlty over his joke (you know the tool is called a wire stripper, right? Just checking...Shelley....).

Going from here:

To here:

And then here:

Looked like this from the ground floor.

Oh yeah. That's my husband. Wedged into the skylight. Over the stair case. I used to think of Chuck as this Safety Man, but I think he got a little PK in him on this project. Dad's a rebel. Chuck's following suit.

But this was just light number one. Light number two was the big honker that hangs over the front door. And this one involved wedging the ladder almost vertical into the ceiling. Somewhere, PK is smirking with pride.

How bad is it to have a black cat cross your path by walking under a ladder? Anyone? Anyone?

Sweet, sweet anti-1990s success. Good work Chuck.


  1. We're oh so right there with you -- except, 1987 fabulous. After all the effort to put in a millenium light fixture, we're now not allowed to turn it on. Certain people fear light bulbs burning out and having to get out the 25 foot ladder again. Oh and the celing fan - those aren't cheap either. Argh. I want my fan gone now. It is uber ugly. uber 1987 fab. Go chuck!

  2. OK - I'll take back 12 of the things that I said about "Halfway Charlie" being too cautious.

    That leaves 9,235,879 comments still outstanding....



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