Best Moment of My Life

Marriage. No.
Bringing Jack home. No.
Buying a house. Not even close.
Meeting Lucy. Please.

Having a photograph picked by Ree, The Pioneer Woman? Best Moment of My Life.

I seriously pee'd my pants. Ree asked her blogging cult (I'm a charter member, so I can call it that) to submit their favorite portraits. 10,000 uploads later and she posted her favorites.

I'M A FAVORITE. My life has been validated.

Here's the screen shot. I'm making it into an 11x14 and hanging it in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and rear view mirror (like I use that). Here's a link to see it in real life, in case you don't believe me. We all know I'm big into hyperbole. It's the seventh one.

The picture is Chuck on vacation in California. He was so happy to be on the beach. I was happy to take his picture.

I had to share. Humility can bite my ba-hind. I'm excited.


  1. That is pretty cool! I would feel a little famous if I were you!

  2. Speaking of your rear view mirror...have you ever used cruise control in reverse?


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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