Really? Really.

Dear Little Miss Driver,

Yes. You made a driving mistake. You got in the left turn lane and you should have been headin' straight into the sunset. You made a boo-boo. I get that. We all get that. I've made automotive mistakes once or twice, been in the wrong lane, and lived with my bad choice (that more than likely was caused by doing make-up or painting my toes while driving -- don't worry Dad. I'm really good at it now.).

See, sweetheart, most of us just accept our driving mistakes. You take the left. You do the U-turn. You move on with your life.

You do not, however, get to sit in the left turn lane struggling with your life decisions, wondering how to levitate your car one lane right, blocking the happiness of cars behind you who actually knew what lane they were in. The head shaking, shocked look on your face did not help. It did not make up for the fact that you were holding up 15 cars during rush hour.

Let me break this down for you: When you get the green arrow, and everyone else has a red light, no one can let you in. No, no. No one. See no one else is moving at that point, except your left turn lane -- and for that matter, no one was actually moving period, because you couldn't come to grips with your issue.

Thank you for making everyone wait an entire additional cycle of lights while you sorted out your life, leaving your left turn friends on red as you snuck into the green of the straight and narrow. It made the evening commute just that much more enjoyable.

I'm doing much better now.

All my love,


  1. lol - AWESOME!! I had a really bad accident in ATL in college because some nutface swerved from the left turn lane into mine. Couldn't have waited the extra 10 seconds in the torrential downpour to change lanes, or turn and deal with the mistake...NOPE!! That's a real drive ruiner!

  2. just add a 2 1/2 yr old in the back seat singing to Veggie Tales and then yelling "GREEN LIGHT!!" anytime you come to a stop light regardless of the color! Then you'll really make 'em wait!

  3. Thank you for this Susie. I hope she reads your blog - as well as those who can't merge, use a turn signal, or go the correct speed limit.


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