Party Time Bath Girl

I know. I'm really struggling with this whole September Blog Thing. It's been rough. School's started and I'm just barely treading above water. I promise: October will be better.

For now: Lucy is my babe. I had a girls dinner tonight (did I snap pics? of course not. I suck, remember?), and Lucy was invited to play with the Big Girls. Bell of the Ball. Of course, she did show up in a dirty onesy smelling like vomit because she'd done a nice projectile all over her car seat. But whatevs. We can fix that with bath time.

The tears are because we tried to drink the bathwater and it didn't go as planned. And just as a much needed FYI, she's peeing in the tub at this exact moment. Lucy Bliss: That Girl.
All dressed up and ready to party. She was topless in 20.


  1. Such cute photos!!! :) PS - I am treading above water too, I find comfort that others feel that way too. Coffee date at Klahanie center soon? Oh and we still need to ride our bikes around Klahompton!

  2. She is SO cute...I love bath time pics...of babies, of course!


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