No reason.

I never posted these and I thought "Meh, why not?" I guess that's just where I am with my life right now. "Meh, why not?" When we had Emy's birthday (oh yeah, that was a solid month ago), we took a little walk around our college campus and a nice little trip down memory lane.

We loved college. LOVED it. I loved college so much that after my first year, Emy decided to go there too. She brought her friends from High School, Dania and Jessica, and that's that.

Most people in Washington know very little about our college, which is maybe why it's so fun. It's a secret, and most people laugh when I say I went there. Oh, little do you know. It was a perfect day for pictures, my friends ditched me for most of our walk because I was snapping too much, but nobody seemed to mind. We needed some nice pictures of Central.

Nothing funny. No shenanigans. Not one Ship's Wheel.

Just one very special place on one very perfect day.

The ugliest building ever.

Our dorm. Chuck and I met there and got married. Dania and Jeff met there and got married. People need to be more careful about who they meet in dorms.

ps. No, I did not photoshop the sky. That's just how amazing it is in Ellensburg.


  1. i love these, thanks for posting sus.

  2. Love all the pics of the CWU campus, it is so pretty there and totally a hidden little secret. Kev & I were just talking today about wanting to have a night away there soon to visit the old stompin' grounds!


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