Little Lu Hoo

Alright Shelley. Yes. I have been shirking my Auntie responsibilities 'round here. I keep forgetting my camera, but maybe it's because some people (cough Shelley) make fun of me (Shelley) for always taking pictures (Shelley).

Whatever. I'm the ONLY one who photographs this child and if it wasn't for me there would be no record of her life. You people can thank me later.

Shelley and Lucy spent Sunday on The Boat -- Lucy was being ridic. See, there's been hinting and explaining to Shelley that Lucy acts a whole heck of a lot like Me when I was a nugget, and Shelley is naturally panicked. Now, we have photo proof:

Little Miss busted out the pearls and went for set number two when we weren't looking. Add a cardigan and heels, and I'd say she's ready for a date with her Aunt.

Lu is now 8 mos and loving it. She's standing, crawling, and doing her best attempts at walking. But, she ends up looking a little something-something to the wind. Any-hoo, Shelley decided to let me "have at it today" and just go nuts with the pictures. I was in heaven.

My two favorite girls.

Did I forget to mention that Lu went Number 2 over her outfit and then again on her emergency outfit leaving a 6 mos onesy as the only option? It didn't fit so Mom of The Year decided to make it into a more fashionable thong-sy.

Love them like nobody's business.


  1. thongsy = amazing. shell and lucy are beautiful!

  2. It's too bad Newman isn't in any of the pics because then I would have photos posted of all my favorite girlie-q's...


  3. Such a cutie. Love the thong shot and I really like the feet shot- nice work!

  4. Susie, you really know how to capture LuLus cuteness...She is absolutely beautiful. Thanx for the pix....Kelle'

  5. so cute. am i crazy... I feel like I'm starting to see more shelley in her.

  6. Sus - great pics! The pearls pic is presh.


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