It's done. It's finally done. I won't go so far as to say the hurt is gone, but wounds are healing. This post is gonna be long. I have a list of grievances so settle in. Plus, I know you've missed me.



New light fixtures.

Black front door.

The painting is done. Count it.

I'll count for you:
Total days spent hating my life, I mean, painting: 58. I like that the seasons changed from start to finish. Fun.
Total number of paint sprayers purchased (eventually found to be broken because they sucked) then returned: 4
Total times I contemplated divorce: 72 (only a smidgen higher than usual)
Total number of 1,000 pound Genie man lifts that were tipped over on their side, ever so slightly damaged, and never blogged about for personal pride: 1

Painting may have been primarily Chuck's job because there was only one sprayer, but it was exceedingly rough on me. I had to wear "painting appropriate" attire outside. In public.

I was so ashamed. Side note: let's talk about how long it took for me to put together said-appropriate outfit and find tennis shoes.

But Chuck did do a great job painting. Give him credit. He's very meticulous, I'm very not. Painfully not. He really did out do himself with this one.

But Chuck got a little lonely painting. I call the above "Titanic Chuck."

With the painting process (because heaven help us it was a process), my favorite was the safety harness. Safety Chuck. And it's not so much that I wanted to push him out the window and make him fall as I wanted to test his harness system for scientific purposes. He was so sure of it. So cocky. All I wanted to do was test it. I feel like I would have received support had I made that decision. Chalk it up to a life-regret.

Now let's talk for a second about the opposite of Safety Chuck: that would be Reckless PK. There came a weekend with the painting when I threw in the towel and called for reinforcements. Enter: The Father. My favorite was when he painted around the window by leaning the extension ladder into the tree. Not the house. Not brick facade. A tree. S-M-R-T. I love him.

Oh and here's my reinactment of American Beauty.

I was a little bored on "ladder holding" duty. Whoops. Any questions as to why Chuck bought the Saftey Harness? Susie + Adult ADD = Not reliable.

It's done. We're so happy. But so sad at the same time. Being done meant saying goodbye to a good friend.

Mr. Arborvitae packed up and left. Gosh I'll miss him.


  1. Just checking - you went through 58 days of hell to go from light gray to dark gray? Please tell me there was something more than an obsession to a particular color (which I can totally get into)!

  2. HA HA! Yes, there was a bigger point! Our siding is failing and splitting :( so we needed to treat the wood with a sealent and re-caulk EVERY seam.


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