No reason.

I never posted these and I thought "Meh, why not?" I guess that's just where I am with my life right now. "Meh, why not?" When we had Emy's birthday (oh yeah, that was a solid month ago), we took a little walk around our college campus and a nice little trip down memory lane.

We loved college. LOVED it. I loved college so much that after my first year, Emy decided to go there too. She brought her friends from High School, Dania and Jessica, and that's that.

Most people in Washington know very little about our college, which is maybe why it's so fun. It's a secret, and most people laugh when I say I went there. Oh, little do you know. It was a perfect day for pictures, my friends ditched me for most of our walk because I was snapping too much, but nobody seemed to mind. We needed some nice pictures of Central.

Nothing funny. No shenanigans. Not one Ship's Wheel.

Just one very special place on one very perfect day.

The ugliest building ever.

Our dorm. Chuck and I met there and got married. Dania and Jeff met there and got married. People need to be more careful about who they meet in dorms.

ps. No, I did not photoshop the sky. That's just how amazing it is in Ellensburg.

Where's Waldo

Really. If you didn't see this coming, then I don't know you. I just wonder what the neighbors think when they see these adventures going down.

Who cares. I love my husband and this is what we do on Saturdays for fun.


It's done. It's finally done. I won't go so far as to say the hurt is gone, but wounds are healing. This post is gonna be long. I have a list of grievances so settle in. Plus, I know you've missed me.



New light fixtures.

Black front door.

The painting is done. Count it.

I'll count for you:
Total days spent hating my life, I mean, painting: 58. I like that the seasons changed from start to finish. Fun.
Total number of paint sprayers purchased (eventually found to be broken because they sucked) then returned: 4
Total times I contemplated divorce: 72 (only a smidgen higher than usual)
Total number of 1,000 pound Genie man lifts that were tipped over on their side, ever so slightly damaged, and never blogged about for personal pride: 1

Painting may have been primarily Chuck's job because there was only one sprayer, but it was exceedingly rough on me. I had to wear "painting appropriate" attire outside. In public.

I was so ashamed. Side note: let's talk about how long it took for me to put together said-appropriate outfit and find tennis shoes.

But Chuck did do a great job painting. Give him credit. He's very meticulous, I'm very not. Painfully not. He really did out do himself with this one.

But Chuck got a little lonely painting. I call the above "Titanic Chuck."

With the painting process (because heaven help us it was a process), my favorite was the safety harness. Safety Chuck. And it's not so much that I wanted to push him out the window and make him fall as I wanted to test his harness system for scientific purposes. He was so sure of it. So cocky. All I wanted to do was test it. I feel like I would have received support had I made that decision. Chalk it up to a life-regret.

Now let's talk for a second about the opposite of Safety Chuck: that would be Reckless PK. There came a weekend with the painting when I threw in the towel and called for reinforcements. Enter: The Father. My favorite was when he painted around the window by leaning the extension ladder into the tree. Not the house. Not brick facade. A tree. S-M-R-T. I love him.

Oh and here's my reinactment of American Beauty.

I was a little bored on "ladder holding" duty. Whoops. Any questions as to why Chuck bought the Saftey Harness? Susie + Adult ADD = Not reliable.

It's done. We're so happy. But so sad at the same time. Being done meant saying goodbye to a good friend.

Mr. Arborvitae packed up and left. Gosh I'll miss him.

Party Time Bath Girl

I know. I'm really struggling with this whole September Blog Thing. It's been rough. School's started and I'm just barely treading above water. I promise: October will be better.

For now: Lucy is my babe. I had a girls dinner tonight (did I snap pics? of course not. I suck, remember?), and Lucy was invited to play with the Big Girls. Bell of the Ball. Of course, she did show up in a dirty onesy smelling like vomit because she'd done a nice projectile all over her car seat. But whatevs. We can fix that with bath time.

The tears are because we tried to drink the bathwater and it didn't go as planned. And just as a much needed FYI, she's peeing in the tub at this exact moment. Lucy Bliss: That Girl.
All dressed up and ready to party. She was topless in 20.

Little Lu Hoo

Alright Shelley. Yes. I have been shirking my Auntie responsibilities 'round here. I keep forgetting my camera, but maybe it's because some people (cough Shelley) make fun of me (Shelley) for always taking pictures (Shelley).

Whatever. I'm the ONLY one who photographs this child and if it wasn't for me there would be no record of her life. You people can thank me later.

Shelley and Lucy spent Sunday on The Boat -- Lucy was being ridic. See, there's been hinting and explaining to Shelley that Lucy acts a whole heck of a lot like Me when I was a nugget, and Shelley is naturally panicked. Now, we have photo proof:

Little Miss busted out the pearls and went for set number two when we weren't looking. Add a cardigan and heels, and I'd say she's ready for a date with her Aunt.

Lu is now 8 mos and loving it. She's standing, crawling, and doing her best attempts at walking. But, she ends up looking a little something-something to the wind. Any-hoo, Shelley decided to let me "have at it today" and just go nuts with the pictures. I was in heaven.

My two favorite girls.

Did I forget to mention that Lu went Number 2 over her outfit and then again on her emergency outfit leaving a 6 mos onesy as the only option? It didn't fit so Mom of The Year decided to make it into a more fashionable thong-sy.

Love them like nobody's business.

On behalf of Lucy

Since you have failed us as an Auntie, Lu and I are forced to provide our own blog updates with classy camera phone photos.

Enjoy this montage from last night after Groovy Girl tried to walk at Kindercare.

Hugs and Newman,

(no really, this post is from Shelley)

That's Fall Time Girl in her back-to-school outfit.

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