Where's Goldbug, part deux.

Where's Goldbug?

There he is. Roof Cat.

Chuck was painting (yeah. I know) the front of the house tonight, using the front bedroom as his "office". Shelley was here with Lucy, I was making dinner, it got a little crazy and the top window ended up open with no screen. And Roof Cat came next.

Roof Cat was pretty anxious and not really down for a roof top party. He's more of a 1st floor cat. I was in hysterics. Screaming and picture taking all at the same time (side note: I'm having a slight crisis of self that the first thing I thought -- after MY BABY! -- was "I need pictures to blog this." I need 12 steps oh, um, yesterday.). Chuck went upstairs to open the window, which I had closed once I saw it was left open. "We wouldn't want a Roof Cat." Tisk tisk.

Jack was a little too excited to see me standing in the drive way, so his first thought was "Jump to Mom." He landed on the lower half of the roof, skidding to a stop, at about the time that Chuck re-opened the window. But I did see that glimmer of "Can I just jump straight to her???" in his gorgeous green cat eyes.

We're nursing a few split claws and one really busted thumb claw. I'll take him to the vet in the morning because I'm that parent. I'm sure this vet thinks really highly of Me after the The Bead Incident of Ought Nine.

Oh Roof Cat.

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  1. Hi Susie,

    Love the blog. I'm sad to say ours has almost died now that I'm working again. Two kids, the house, oh, and of course the husband and the job. Sigh! No time for blogging. Hope your back-to-school blues don't get you too down. We might be up for a weekend in the fall, so we'll make sure to let you know if we do make it up there. Take care!


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