This Week's De-friending

This week's de-friending goes to Emy and Val. Shame on both of you.

From Emy -- She'd like to see the SS Klahanie take on a more pirate theme.

From Val -- She found this at cabin on a wedding weekend and couldn't resist.

Chuck welcomes you to his fan club. You are both off my Christmas card list.


  1. I will go garage sale-ing for Ship Decor anytime Chuck wants. Arrrgh. :)

  2. Yeah! So proud to be in the Chuck fan club- what do I get? A fun lanyard or something? :)

  3. hi susie. thanks for stopping by pixelimpress. you brave souls... painting your house! my husband and i did the entire interior, but we stop there, especially when the front of the house is 3 stories tall! pam

    ps looking around there are no ship's wheels nearby, so i think i'm safe to comment here.


Tell me about it. Oh and thanks for validating my life.

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