Summer Job

My summer side job is weddings. I love that I have a mini summer job -- like I'm a 15 year old working at the DQ over break. I coordinate weddings as a fabulous hobby because I can't scrapbook and I'm too jumpy for knitting (remember Jessica and Michael's big day in July?).

I love every bit about weddings. I love the logistics of weddings, the timing, the flow. I love the seamless movement of such a large group of people from one space to another. Weddings are a giant numbers game and I am so my father's daughter.

Yesterday was a standard 13 hour day. It was a backyard wedding at the Groom's parent's house, which always sounds simple to people, but backyard weddings are the hardest. There's no wait staff. There's no "this is how we usually do this". There's nothing. Everything has to be brought in: from the forks to the food to the bartender.

Family did everything at this wedding. The Aunts made all the flower arrangements, including the bouquets and the wedding arch. The Brother did the music. The Dads made the scaffolding to cover the uneven yard.

See the scaffolding? It was a process. We dug out the backyard lawn, sunk it in to level it, and ran it 15 feet into the water to have enough room for dinner.

Everything was hydrangeas. Some real, some fake. I'm not a huge silk flower fan, but they work in a wedding because they provide an air of certainty that real flowers can't. The cake flower were phonies. The flower balls were impostors. So was the arch.

The ceremony was gorgeous. But like I said, it was a backyard wedding so going from this:
to this:

was Me, an assistant, and the caterers. We made it happen in 30 minutes. Not too bad...

Especially since it was a fairly intricate table set up for being a "tear down" wedding.

Loved these favors: mini pots with filler soil. When you open the pouch, seeds fall into the pot for you to grow.

My favorite was the lanterns that ran the width of the wedding. They were priceless and perfect for yesterday.
Wait, actually, Vanessa was my favorite. She was the bride and she never took her veil off. Most bride's chuck that during cocktails, but Vanessa insisted on wearing it throughout the entire party. She loved being The Bride.

The reception was incredible. There were only 70 people at the wedding, so we didn't expect a ton of dancing. We were so wrong. I left the wedding 3 hours into dancing when the second and third iPods made their appearance. Usually, I stay until the bride and groom leave, but Dusty and Vanessa didn't want a send off. They wanted to send-off all their guests and be the last ones out. They wanted to enjoy their party.

And they did.

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  1. Did you ever think we might be in the mood for a Wedding Crasher Arborvitae?


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