I do not endorse this.

I was under the impression that I was a part of a great girl-friend group of awesome mid-twenty somethings. We may be 10 years and 100 shoes away from Sex and the City, but we're loving it. Or I was loving it and living in fantasy land because my perception of my friends was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Apparently, I'm the only aaadult in a group of 12 year olds. I'm the parent chaperone. Just where I wanted to be at 26.

Did I mention that this blow-out, all-out 25th birthday party for Emy was a TWILIGHT themed party? Oh yeah. Because plenty of quarter-century birthdays celebrate vampires and have heated arguments over Jacob or Edward. I always imagined being in my twenties, having wonderful debates, and watching fabulous shows.

I did not imagine debating Bella's true love or scouring the Internet for 30 minutes looking for the latest New Moon trailer. My 12 year old friends did.

Dania did make a pretty fab cake. I can't appreciate it, like Twilight twelve year-olds can, but she rocked it. Piping. Blood red white cake. Spray painted chess pieces.

Yes. That's Edward holding the candle.

Yes. That's a life size poster of the undead that literally made Dania's two dogs pooh-pooh down the hallway.

Yes. That's Jessica the newlywed choosing cardboard over her husband. It's already been 6 weeks. She's so over Michael.

Say it, girls. Say it.



  1. I love the cake - but it would be way better if Jacob were on top!! Ooooh that's what she said!!

  2. Jacob sucks - Edward forever...haha literally forever. Wow, can't believe I made a Twilight joke. Dania, that cake is AMAZING!!!! :)

  3. Where can I find a life-size cardboard Jacob?

  4. And, it tasted as good as it looked. mmmm. Go Team Edward. :)


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