Final Countdown.

It was the worst feeling ever. My chest was tightening. I felt weak in the knees. The room was spinning, and I was spinning with it. "Lord, is this a full blown panic attack??"

I couldn't believe what I was feeling. I couldn't decide if I was more likely to begin sobbing or vomit on my shoes. I couldn't find the exit.

I've never had that kind of reaction.
I've never needed to "regroup" so badly.

I was back-to-school shopping for classroom supplies at Lakeshore Learning.

Heaven help me, I have 8 days of summer left and I'm not ready. How do we do this every year? Somehow, I've blacked out last August and have no memory of the rush to get school-ready. This is my 5th August. I should have seen this coming.

The poor salesman at Lakeshore must have seen the blank look on my face.

"Can I help you with something?"
"Unless you can take away the nausea and make the hurt go away, no I don't think you can help."
"Sorry, school's starting soon and I can't believe I'm already back here buying supplies. I don't want to be here right now. This store kind of makes me sick."
"You're sick? I work here full-time."

Touche, Lakeshore Man, Touche.

Anybody else a little panicked?? Anybody else wondering how we do this each year???

(And I don't want to hear ANYTHING from my non-teaching friends about how you don't get a summer vacation. That's just poor planning on your part. You could have gotten your bachelor's degree in education. You bought your ticket. You knew what you were getting into.)


  1. How about your teacher friends who didn't get a summer vacation? :( We need one last hurrah - BBQ at Susie's everyone! She'll let you know the details! ;)

  2. At least you have a classroom to buy for! I just walk past the school supplies and wonder...should I pick up some jumbo crayons or maybe a few protractors, just in case??? Or should I just stock up on Huggies and add myself to the sub list??? Hmmmm...
    Regardless, I still support the BBQ idea! :)

  3. I hope you wrote this while eating a large block of CHEESE, whiner.

  4. I just got back and I have to say, I did get a little panic feeling in there. Maybe because it is crazy crowded in there and no where to park. Still I had a tad bit of excitement in me too:)


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