Does this make me Jasmine or Abu?

I was told we were getting a genie. I was pretty sure I was getting three wishes or at least a meeting with Robin Williams. I was lied to and am leaving Chuck or I might have misunderstood. The jury's still out.

We got Genie for our Misers of America House Painting Extravaganza. We needed it to paint the chimney -- yeah, chimney. Apparently in our ghetto hood, they decided that siding up a chimney was a solid idea. What was going on in 1991? Hammer pants and siding, apparently. The 28 foot ladder didn't even come close. SO....Option 1: 40 foot ladder. Option 2: Genie Man Lift.

Not even a question.

Genie is 1,000 lbs of lamp-rubbing fun. It was a blast and a half to get it up the slightly inclined grass. We had a nice little plywood leap frog system going on. Good thing both Chuck and I are ripped like you wouldn't believe. Our bulging physiques made it a snap. We're planning on releasing a fitness DVD by the end of the year, BT-Dub. You can film those at McDonald's, right?

We had a little underground railroad built to bring it through the fence.

Again, fun-fun-fun working it up onto the deck. Just Chuck and Me. Jack wussed out. What a butt.

What I love most about Genie is the number of warnings signs. I made a collage of the good ones -- oh, yes, I edited this down.

This was my favorite Notice, because it was touch and go with Chuck's weight problem. We never know what he will and won't fit. He went ahead and sweated it out High School Wrestler style to make weight.

My favorite part about having Genie is that every time Chuck goes above the roof line he shouts, "Hey, I can see my house from here!!" Don't worry. That isn't getting annoying in the least bit. I am lov-ing-it.

Aside from Chuck's attempts to try and ruin my Genie experience with his stupidity (see below post for Stupidity Evidence), I think Genie is fantastic. I heart Genie. I wasn't too sure about Genie on Day One and there was some light screaming and terror when Chuck and I road up together for 5 feet. But, today was much better. I put my big-girl panties on and I road that mother all 30 feet up by myself.

Hey. I can see my house from here!

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