Almost a National Holiday.

This is Emy.
She's my besty. She's fantastic. She's one-in-a-million. I've written about Emy here. She's been around the blog block a few times. Here. Here. And here.

Today is Emy's birthday. The big 2-5. A milestone birthday, isn't it?? And landmark birthdays call for grand celebrations. Which might explain why we all drove 100 miles to spend a weekend together with a ridic amount of festivities planned.

Yeah, except that's not why we did this.

See, Emy is a summer baby. Emy had a lack of classroom birthdays in school and summer means vacation, which means small parties. Emy's life is an endless struggle. She is permanently birthday-scarred. Emy believes her birthday should be a National Holiday and is shocked that it doesn't have it's own section at Hallmark. Shocked.

Thus, we now treat her birthday as The Summer Holiday. We tease. We joke. We love. We're happy to celebrate Emy. She deserves it. And she reminds us of this every year.

This year's plan: Head back to college and kick it Old School style.

I'm a little out of order. This is Phase 15 of Birthday Weekend: Downtown Night Life. I use all terms as loosely as possible to describe our college town after dark. Think 8,000 residents, cows, and 20 mph speed limits.

What we learned: We're too old for our beloved college town. At 25 (again, I understand that I am 25+1 and Chuck is 25+2, but humor me), we're decrepit. At our first stop, we were the only people who knew the lyrics to pre-Beyonce Jay-Z circa 1999. The "dance club" confused us relentlessly. We didn't know half the hip songs these kids are listening to now-a-days and we certainly weren't singin' along. There were bubbles floating down from the ceiling and our initial reaction was "Is that sanitary and safe?" We is old. Yes we is. Much too old for college.

It didn't feel good.

But, we did have fun. Buckets of it. Oodles and oodles. We loved Memory Lane, but ran home to warm beds and 8 hours of sleep because post-midnight life was confusing. Who knew there was still a 1 a.m. O-L-D.

Time for the pictures. Sorry about all the pink. No really, it's too pink, isn't it?

Thanks, Dania, for ruining these pics! xoxo.

Yeah, so you may have noticed that Chuck was MIA. Big Boy was a little pooped from Party Phase 9: Floating the Yakima River for 4 hours and headed home after dinner. He apparently doesn't like the night life. And doesn't like to boogie.

Happy Birthday Emy!

I love you more than grilled cheese.


  1. Cute haircut Susie! Good luck at your first day at your new school. I'm just going to go ahead and assume that you'll be wearing heels and a skirt. Say hi to Bea for me - love you!

  2. Susie - love you so much. I don't think it's too pink. And best part of the weekend was DEF. the grilled cheese. xoxox


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