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Apparently, I had a death wish last week and hosted 5 get-togethers at our house, two days with Lucy sans adult supervision, and did a sleepover with Shelley. Today is Monday, and it is my Sabbath. I rest. Rest means actually finishing my morning cup of coffee, watching Sabrina on AMC, and blog, blog, blogging. That many parties means I have earned an anti-social day.

No offense to other get-together attendants, but I'll blog about my favorite party first, because it doesn't happen as often as it should. It was with our Survivor Group. The college friends that we did everything with for four years at Central.

Then. 2005.

Close enough to now. 2007.

The remaining members of the Survivor Group (minus 4 members, plus Laura and Catlyn for good measure) came over for a BBQ to say Goodbye to Lee (Grizzly Adams) before he moves to Canada for work. Gag.

Every happy memory I have from college has these kids in it and so many more from beyond graduation. We knew we were lucky to find each other and we try our best to keep our lives entwined despite all the many pulls to go other ways. No matter what, we always fall back into each other.

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  1. hahaha. You forgot to take a picture of Kyle! hahahaha.


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