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Chuck and I are in California -- holla at 'cha from Hermosa Beach. We're in flippy floppies, sippin' cold beverages, and wondering if we will ever get around to dinner. I'm betting on dessert for dinner. Don't tell Dad -- he's big into square meals, soy nuts, and "nutrients".

We're here with Shiann and Paul. We heart them. They were our first "couple" friends -- sorry single besties, you know what I mean. Chuck and Paul were BFs in college and after announcing their best friend-hood, they sat Shiann and Me at a table on an awkward double date, prayed to the gods of boy relationships that this would work, and stared at Shi and Me until the two of us decided we might as well become besties too.

Six years and an ungodly amount of trouble later, we're still all in love - - with significant others and each others. Miracle. This is true double-date love.

Here's Us.

Here's Paul and Shiann. Now you have a visual on what we're working with here.

So here we are. Visiting them in LA and loving every minute of it. We've only been here 6 hours, but it's happiness all around. We miss them in Seattle.

Here's the so-far of day one.
Shiann is a flight attendant so we hopped on her flight from Seattle to LAX. She was soooo happy to serve us in her cabin today. So happy.

We love flying on Shiann's flights. Think about it: how many times have you gotten to visit a friend, at their work place, and watch them in action for 2 hours? We love this.

Shiann did a great job with her in flight emergency routine. We were good. We listened.

I got wings for being a good flyer (I'm not too keen on the whole "in air" thing -- go figure, I married a pilot with mostly pilot friends).

Shiann totally over served us, too.
6 bags of in flight snacks.
1 giant "Big Girl" cup of coffee.
A delicious Ginger Ale, the only soda appropriate for a plane ride.

We'll keep you "posted" on all the adventures.
Gross. Bad pun.
I'm sorry.

I'll stop talking now.
(Mt.Rainier from the plane)

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