Some weddings take 10 years

It always goes like this: Boy meets Girl. Love. A question. A wedding.

But for Jessica and Michael, it went Boy meets Girl in 8th grade. Total hotties. K-Swiss, faded jeans, belly tops. Hotness. Seventeen magazine sized crush (uh huh crush). The first question: Will you go to homecoming with me? Ten years later, the dress was a little different. The hair, a lot better. Teeth in pictures (because we don't have braces any more) and no one had on platform tennis shoes. Finally.
Weddings are my hobby. Some people scrapbook and knit, I coordinate. It's a dark gift. Jessica's family is quite a family (remember the Wisconsin Aunts?) and I loved being a part of this occasion. Not many weddings celebrate a decade of love. Not many brides and grooms went to Tolo together. Then again, not many brides and grooms are like Jessica and Michael.

I only took about 225 pictures of the day. I'm a total photo junky, I have an unhealthy relationship with Photoshop, and my best gals were in coordinating outfits. It wasn't my fault. This was a need, not a want.

The wedding was incredible. Backyard ceremony at Jessica's house that was more beautiful than I could have dreamed. I special ordered the sunshine. She can thank me later.

The reception was hoppin'. Friends. Food. Family. The trifecta.

I'm gonna blow you up with pictures now. Deal. I'll interject when I need to, because you'll miss me if I don't.

Hair and makeup took the obligatory 3 hours. Jessica has this amazing best friend, Jacqueline, who owns a hair salon. Everyone needs a Jacqueline to be there for perfect personal upkeep. I would like a Jacqueline in my pocket at all times to do my hair for every party we attend together. No fair Jessica. No fair.

Getting Jessica into her incredible dress was a process in and of itself. Five bridesmaids and one obnoxious friend photographing it all. The boy real-photographer was not allowed in for that show. Point Susie.

Jessica looked like perfection personified.

There was actually a groom involved in this production - oh, it was a production. His name is Michael. He is genuinely nice and when he looks at Jessica you get goose bumps from all the love he sees her with.

Jessica apparently has a "pretty standard" for her friends. Her bridesmaids were gorgeous. Fabulous in black dresses and flippy floppies. They did not go on a boat, though. I may be partial, because they are some of my favorites and have been for years.

The Ceremony

The Mr. and Mrs.

The reception was fab. It was ridic. Montage of pictures -- I'll walk you through it quick. They rented a photo booth. Do this. Chuck and I are big fans. Clearly. The cake was frosted in white chocolate rolls. Smiles. Loves. And dancing.
Here we have Maggie in a "skinny sandwich". We were having a Skinny-Off between our dates.

My sincerest apologies for all the pictures. I may have gone overboard, I understand. Forgive me, but people like Jessica and Michael don't get married everyday.

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  1. So glad I got to see pictures! Looks beautiful. My friend Anne just had a photobooth at her wedding and we LOVED it, endless fun. :) Next time around I'll have one.....


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