The Rehearsal Dinner

I know -- the posts are a little backwards. Rehearsal dinner story and pictures. Settle in. The groom's Mom is Italian and her family flew in from Italy for the wedding. Incredible. They cooked an unbelievable rehearsal dinner at a culinary school in Seattle. We were in Italian heaven.

Gorgonzola cheese torte. Crab lasagna. Tiramisu.

There were about 100 other dishes on the table but I went into a cheese and tomato coma around the beginning of the speeches. Whoops. I blame good cooking.

Picture time.

Emy would like me to point out that her and I are approaching our own decade of love, so Jessica and Michael really aren't as cool as we're all making them out to be.

And I'm pretty sure my friends are done with me.

See. No pictures please. I'll stop.

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