We're painting our house. No, I know. Let it sink in. WE'RE painting our house. I was all about getting house painters, but Chuck reminded me that those men cost money and since I'm a miser...WE'RE painting our house.

This is our house.
This is what we're painting.

Holy-mother of all projects, what were we thinking? I want the hurt to go away. I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna.

This past weekend was step one: Pressure Washing.

Remember how Chuck has that little problem with overkill? How he always takes it to the next level or just goes a little too far? Remember how I have an 8 foot scratching post and a ship's wheel? OK, we're on the same page.

First, I found what we will refer to as The Drawing. A simple map. Of our house. And the sun. And the sun's path. That way he knows which side of the house to start on and which side comes next, working always in the shade. Those are the numbers. The numbers in parenthesises is the alternate path of working we could take, depending on how quickly he's working. Glad we have that settled.

Who thinks to do this??? I prefer the stand outside, head scratch, "oh, there's the shade" approach.

I was speechless when I found it. "That's who you're dealing with BABY!"
Oh, that is who I'm dealing with. We all know that.
We can all appreciate that going up the 28 foot extension ladder is rough. Go Chuck for tackling this part of the "adventure". And Go Chuck for being the only person who would think of this:
In case of the feet kicking out, Chuck hammered a metal stake into the ground to hold the ladder. On top of that, he fashioned himself a little cushion so that if he forgot about his stake, he wouldn't hurt himself stepping down on it. Who thinks to do this??? He had alternative set ups, similar to this, for grass and dirt. Who does this??? Who?

Then there were the track spikes for going up onto the roof. Not too far on the overkill scale. PK was a fan of golf cleats on the roof so I can't be too critical with this one.

The creme de la creme.
The fall protection kit. In a bucket, no less. Everything's better in a bucket. KFC comes in a bucket. Buckets are the mother of all receptacles. It's the truf.

Um. Here is Chuck in his Fall Protection outfit. (God, please forgive him for the socks and sandles. He wasn't thinking. He was in flip-flop to cleats transition. Amen).

This is the harness. He loves the harness. He broke into that bucket o' love the moment it arrived and fiddled with the harness for hours. HOURS. The harness hooks to a rope, the rope to a series of anchors that are now pounded into our roof. While I support his Mr. Safety attempt, who actually thinks to buy this???

Action Chuck.

How do you get a pressure washer on a roof? You carry it up the ladder, right? Wrong. Chuck-made pulley system for lifting. WHO DOES THIS?

Chuck is fantastic. A gem. An absolute national treasure.

So this was step one. Next is priming, then painting. He's already bought a paint sprayer and rented a genie man lift. Apparently, it's on.


  1. So this is post #2 - it won't take Goldbug-like skills to find the first.

    To clarify - lest I be subject to a barage of abusive comments and the defendant in what would surely become known as the Golf Shoe Class Action Housefall/Windfall - I used golf shoes whilst on the roof "back in the day" when real men wore shoes with metal spikes. But that was before being politically correct, women having the vote and stupid rules about only driving on one particular side of the road.

    SO, proceed to the roof with golf shoes only on your own peril. If, however, you do attempt doing so, you'll want to use at least 2 clubs less than normal. The ball seems to just fly off the gables.


  2. Can we talk about why Chuck still has track cleats? I'm going to assume those are from high school circa 2001....

  3. I want to know why you are painting your house during the Seattle Heat Wave of 2009? You better do a good job because it must be drying right after you put it on...PS - I was just at the beach and saw nautical stuff everywhere...thought of you guys, but sorry Chuck, as a teacher, I can't go against my own kind. :)


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