If they don't win, it's the same.

The gangs all here for Jessica's Wedding (she had her bachelorette party in May with her Cougar Aunts, who I love more than life itself). The next few days will be epic.

We decided to start off slow. Just Dania and Jeff, Chuck and Me, and a little baseball game to get in the partying mood. Dania and Jeff came over from Ellensburg for the wedding. They don't get out much in Wildcat Country so this was a big deal, considering the stadium was empty with 15,000 fans, but still bigger than E-Burg. Awesome.

Chuck stepped in a Hobo Stank Puddle within 5 minutes of parking.
Jeff bought Garlic Fries (sorry Dad -- he's NEVER invited to our seats).
Dania saw a delightful crew urinating on a wall post-game.

And I sat quietly taking pictures, because that's what I do. Well, that's what I did tonight. I didn't need to be the instigator. Dania was there.

And then there was Dania. I can't say much about Dania. It's all in pictures. Dania's the kind of person that can tell you about crossing the street and you pee a little. She's also the person who sends EVERYONE birthday cards, because she always remembers, and she's always in the middle of it all.

Oh and they actually won. Miracle.

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