I wish my wedding cake had been Confetti Cake

Tell me there isn't a better, tackier cake than Confetti Cake (or Rainbow Chip -- whatever you fancy calling it. I say tomato, tamato). Glorious batter taste with nuggets of joy and goodness.

It's Shelley's favorite cake, too, so Lu and I made it for her as a present. Because we love. And we're the dream team of Aunts and Nieces.

But this was no ordinary Confetti Cake (or Funfetti, whatevs. Again tomato, tamato. This cake mix is actually what Shakespeare was referring to with the whole "a rose by any other name" speech-thing). See, my friend Amy turned my attention to a recipe for white cake, dyed with gel colors.

Ok. Rainbow cake made from white cake. Mmmm, sounds fun, but if a cake is rainbow, it really should be Rainbow Chip. It's like Rainbow square-d cake. Allow me to take you through the intense making of this cake (I hope you picked up the sarcasm).

The line up.

Oh, plus you will need an amazing helper who may or may not have put her baby hands into the bowl of ingredients, bulls eye into an egg yolk when I wasn't looking. Awesome. I'm really good with her. And at watching her at all times.

Make the cake. Again, you will probably need help with this. I had a 6 months old assistant who was mesmerized by the mixer. After I unplugged it, I wasn't looking (again!) and she shoved the metal plug prongs into her mouth. Anybody doubting my reasoning behind an Allison baby in 2053?

Separate the cake mix into bowls -- as many colors as you want. I went for Rainbow, but if you were listening then you knew that already. Add the gel food coloring.

Poor into pans. I made this once with Laura and Catlyn (shout out -- TRL style (add screaming here) in a 9x13 and it was great. I decided to do a layered cake for Shelley because A) she's that special B) we're classy like that.

Bake and present in a grand fashion, as Confetti Cake deserves.


Here's the web site where I stole this from because my inner journalism major is screaming that this wasn't my idea, I'm not that cool, but I did need to show that it can be done (because Amy really needs to make this cake).


  1. You REALLY take the cake SUSIE! Awesome job! Perhaps I'll make this soon! Not today! it's a bazillion degrees!!!

  2. Ok, funfetti cake was like the ONLY cake I'll ever be able to make, so at a social event you're not allowed to bring your "classier" version....leave something for me :)

  3. I even talked to you on Friday. I can't believe you didn't save me a slice. So rude.


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